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In order to volunteer in activities where adults may be alone with children, parents need to be complaint with the Diocese's "Protecting God's Children" (Safe Environment) program requirements (also known as VIRTUS). The process includes a paper application and background check as well as attendance at a "Protecting God's Children for Adults" training session through St. Louis parish or a neighboring parish.

A full packet of VIRTUS forms may be obtained through the school office. Completed forms must be returned to the school to be sent to the Diocese. Training session dates, times and location may be found at VIRTUSOnline.

The school office will maintain a list of compliant parents. If you are not on the list, you will not be able to volunteer in your child's classroom.


RENEWAL (policy change July 2016)

The Catholic Diocese of Arlington policy requires Continuing Education (CE) of all volunteers and employees every three years. For new volunteers or employees, the 3-year requirement will start on the beginning date of volunteering or employment. For those who have already been employed or volunteering for more than three years or are new employees during FY16, the anniversary date will be July 1, 2015.

Future CE requirements will be conducted via an online video that will be sent to individuals on their anniversary date. For those who do not have email accounts, live viewing will be made available by request.