Preschool Faculty

Director and Classroom Floater
Mrs. Dare Hurley

Mrs. Hurley is excited for another year as our licensed Preschool Director, and she looks forward to also serving as a dedicated floater in each of our preschool classrooms this year! She shares many years of expertise in working with little ones in the preschool, as well as in the dance studio, and she celebrates her 10th year with our program. As director, Mrs. Hurley enjoys being able to collaborate with the staff and our families on the preschool program while upholding the policies and procedures for state-licensed child day centers. She maintains her VCEA (Virginia Catholic Education Association) certification for Early Childhood Instruction and has her degree in journalism which is a complement to our early literacy program with young learners. She is also the proud mother of four St. Louis School graduates. Mrs. Hurley is looking forward to another year of learning and loving with all the preschoolers!

Lambs Class (2-day Three's)
Mrs. Renee Madden
Mrs. Madden looks forward to leading the Lambs Class fun again this year! She is a nurturing instructor who welcomes each little one with warmth and enthusiasm. She is also a familiar face who has served St. Louis School as registrar for more than ten years. Mrs. Madden maintains her VCEA (Virginia Catholic Education Association) certification for Early Childhood Instruction and has a degree in corporate communications from Elon University. Her engaging communication skills and gift for organization are blessings for our families. Mrs. Madden is also a parent of three St. Louis School graduates, with her youngest now a senior at West Potomac High School.

Mrs. Bridget Flaaen (Music Teacher too!)
Mrs. Flaaen is excited to return with Mrs. Madden to the Lambs class! In addition to continuing her role as our music teacher, she shares her experience, creativity and positive energy with our little ones and staff alike. She has a degree in music and music education from the University of South Carolina, and she holds a license for music education by the Virginia Board of Education. She brings 14 years of general music and choral instruction to our classroom, having also taught in Fairfax County and Ann Arbor, MI public schools. Mrs. Flaaen is not only a caring teacher, but also a proud parent of two St. Louis elementary school students!

Monkeys Class (3-day Three's)
Mrs. Kate Larrabee
We are excited to have Mrs. Larrabee leading our Monkeys Class this year! In addition to her warm and engaging teaching style, she brings firsthand experience with our program as a substitute teacher, as well as several years previously teaching children ages preschool and up. With a degree in English literature from Auburn University, Mrs. Larrabee supports our preschool’s early literacy program with quality literature and strong writing skills, and she looks forward to sharing fun circle time experiences with the Monkeys this year. Mrs. Larrabee has four boys of her own, all of whom are students at St. Louis School.


Mrs. Sandra Avery
Mrs. Avery is thrilled to be joining Mrs. Larrabee in the Monkeys Class this year! Mrs. Avery brings seven years of experience working with three-year-olds at a Catholic preschool in Maryland, and she is now excited to share her classroom experience and wonderful energy with our program. She is also a familiar face at St. Louis, having served as a substitute teacher and helper in the cafeteria for the past two years. Born in Italy, Mrs. Avery speaks several languages and can’t wait to share her love of language with our little ones. In addition to being a teacher, Mrs. Avery is also a mother of two sons.

Zebras Class (Pre-K 5-day Morning Four's)
Mrs. Karen Fisher
Mrs. Fisher brings ten years of developmental Pre-K teaching experience and her own passion for learning to our Zebras class! Mrs. Fisher has her VCEA (Virginia Catholic Education Association) certification for Early Childhood Instruction and has a bachelor’s degree in Physical and Health Education. Her creativity, warmth and enthusiasm for teaching are enhanced by her organization and excellent communication skills. Mrs. Fisher is also the parent of three St. Louis School graduates - her two daughters are now in college and her son is a senior at Gonzaga College High School. She is thrilled to be with the Zebras again this year!

Mrs. Catherine Stephens
Mrs. Stephens is looking forward to joining Mrs. Fisher in the Zebras class again this year! She brings great perspective and insight, having previously taught in our three’s class as well as several years of kindergarten through second grade teaching experience. She holds a master’s degree in Arts in Education from The College of William and Mary and is a native of Virginia. She shares her wonderful skills, gentle nature and happy spirit with us all. Mrs. Stephens is not only a teacher, but also a proud parent of two St. Louis School students!

Pandas Class (4-day Afternoon Four's)
Mrs. Melissa Bartol (CGS Teacher too!)
Mrs. Bartol is happy to be teaching the Pandas Class again this year! Mrs. Bartol maintains her VCEA (Virginia Catholic Education Association) certification for Early Childhood Instruction, and she brings an important knowledge base from a degree in social work and psychology to the preschool program. She is also a certified instructor in the Montessori Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) program, which she shares as our CGS teacher for all our preschoolers and kindergarteners. Mrs. Bartol is the proud mother of three, with her youngest in eighth grade at St. Louis, a daughter at Bishop Ireton High School and her oldest in college. Her loving spirit is a gift to each child in the preschool

Mrs. Juliette Theroux
Mrs. Theroux is excited to join Mrs. Bartol in the Pandas class this year! She brings joy and enthusiasm to our preschool family as she collaborates with Mrs. Bartol on classroom activities. As a registered nurse and previous preschool teaching assistant, Mrs. Theroux will be instrumental in helping to instill good lessons to keep our little ones healthy and happy. Mrs. Theroux has five children of her own, one in high school and four current St. Louis School students! We are so happy to welcome her to the Pandas!

Lunch Bunch Teacher
Mrs. Mary Apaza
We are fortunate to have Mrs. Apaza as our lead Lunch Bunch teacher and main substitute teacher for the Preschool program! Mrs. Apaza has taught in our Extended Day Care program for the past eight years, as well as worked as a substitute teacher in both the lunch bunch and preschool classes for the last four years. She is a fluent Spanish-speaker, and her language skills are well utilized in all our classrooms. Her sincere and caring nature create a happy environment for children in the lunch bunch room, and she looks forward to her time with each of our lunch bunchers!