Hot Lunch

St. Louis School is pleased to partner with Fairfax Food Service to provide healthy, hot lunch options for our students. All meals include an entree, vegetable and fruit. Vegetarian options are also available. Please see below for ordering instructions.

Hot lunch may be ordered on a monthly basis directly through the Fairfax Food Service website. Lunches are $6.65 each, Monday-Thursday, and on Fridays, pizza will be offered for $7.40. Parents also have the option to order every day for the upcoming month.

Please follow these steps to place your order:
  1. Go to (be sure to bookmark this page for future orders!)
  2. Hover over "Customers"
  3. Scroll down to select "St. Louis School Ordering"
  4. Enter the temporary password hawks
All administrative tasks will be handled by Fairfax Food Service. Menu and billing questions may be directed to Fairfax Food Service. Please review their refund policy for inclement weather days as well as student absences.
  • Lunches will no longer be available to be picked up in the office if your child is absent. Please contact Fairfax Food Service for a refund.
  • Lunches do not include a beverage. Milk may be ordered separately on a trimester basis (please see the school newsletter for ordering periods).

Ice Cream

Parents may purchase tickets for their child(ren) to redeem for ice cream in the cafeteria. Cash is not accepted. Ice cream will be available on a select day each week and noted in the weekly newsletter. Most ice cream items are 1 ticket each; a few larger ice cream treats available to Middle School students only are 2 tickets each.

Ice cream tickets may be purchased at any time - order weekly, monthly, or for the year. The order form will be open for the duration of the school year. Tickets purchased by noon Thursday of a given week, will go home in Friday folders of that same week.

Upon receipt of your order, please write your child's name on the tickets. Treat the tickets like cash; lost tickets will not be refunded or replaced.