Annual Fund History

Since its inception in the 2011-12 school year, the St. Louis Catholic School Annual Fund has raised nearly $600,000 through the generous donations of school families, alumni and parishioners. Funds go toward school renovations, technological upgrades and tuition assistance.
In its first year, the Campaign raised $32,000 to aid in the furnishing of the newly established St. Louis Preschool and tuition assistance. The 2012-13 Campaign provided $45,000 for improvements and repairs to the campus security systems, technological upgrades and tuition assistance.
Financial donations in 2013-14, totaling $52,000, were used in several ways: the installation of WiFi capabilities in the main school building, the middle school building and McClunn Hall, and the addition of Education Smooth WiFi security software management system; the removal and reseeding of the aging outdoor track; tuition assistance; new security doors in the front of the school; and the installation of a new synchronized clock system to coordinate with the school server.
The 2014-15 "Be the One" Campaign was valued at $61,000 and was used for the table replacement and renovations to the school cafeteria. Funds were also used to purchase additional classroom tablets and iMacs for the computer lab and tuition assistance.
The 2015-16 "Try Mercy" Campaign, valued at $71,000, raised funds for the renovation and merging of the school's library and computer lab into a state-of-the-art Media Center with the Fran Schneider Library and Noreen Gilmour Computer Lab. Additional funds went to tuition assistance.
The "Build the Kingdom" Campaign in 2016-17, valued at $70,065, raised funds for the purchase of 3 classroom carts of Chromebooks (82 total) for the upper hall, lower hall and middle school as well as 35 top-of-the-line computers for all teachers and staff. Additional funds were set aside for tuition assistance.
The 2017-18 "Praise Raises Us Up" Campaign raised $82,000 to re-surface the gym floor in McClunn Hall. Additional funds were used to purchase Chromebooks (37) with mobile carts and software licenses for the upper hall and library, and one mobile interactive 70" digital panel for use with all classrooms. Funds were also set aside for tuition assistance.
The "Choose Jesus" Campaign in 2109-20 was our most successful raising $100,739 to update and improve the interior classroom doors and install a keyless locking system. Additional funds were used to purchase Chromebooks with mobile carts and software licenses for the elementary and middle school. And funds were set aside for tuition and lunch assistance.
Our most recent "Growing In Christ" Campaign met the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic head on. Originally slated for playground upgrades, the campaign quickly pivoted to a COVID relief fund for our families who were physically and financially impacted by the pandemic. Of the $76,000 raised, $35,000 was set aside for future playground renovations, and the remainder was dedicated to technology, tuition assistance and COVID assistance.
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