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Return to School Plan

March 10, 2021 Update: School Operations and Opening Plan
Updates to the School Operations and Opening Plan for 2020-2021 are noted in red on the following pages:
  • Mitigating Health Strategies - page 7, 3. Close Contact definition
  • Mitigating Health Strategies - page 7, 4. Mask Policy
  • Mitigating Health Strategies - page 9, 1. Positive Cases of COVID-19, Diocesan Waiver
  • Mitigating Health Strategies - p. 10, 2. Positive Cases of COVID-19, Notification
  • Mitigating Health Strategies - p. 10, 3. Postive Cases of COVID-19, Accomodations
  • Mitigating Health Strategies - p. 10, 1.-2. Travel Quarantine
  • Operational Logistics - p. 14 - Physical Distancing and Masks
  • Safe Instructional Spaces - page 20, 9. Extracurriculars
  • Distance Learning Plan - p. 29, Attendance Policy
  • Student Expectations - p. 31, Technology
  • Social-Emotional Well-Being of Our Community - p. 34, Parent/School Communications
November 12, 2020 Update: School Operations and Opening Plan
Updates to the School Operations and Opening Plan for 2020-2021 are noted in red on the following pages:
  • Health Screenings and Sick Policies - page 9, .4-.5
  • Safe Instructional Spaces - page 19, .9 Extracurriculars
August 4, 2020 Update: Enrollment Decisions
Enrollment letters have been mailed to all registered St. Louis School families. Because of the tremendous feedback and response from families, we had to get creative with how we structure our in-person instruction in order to best give everyone who wanted it, the opportunity to receive it. Please understand that this did require some tweaking of our original plan to make in-person instruction work for everyone while maintaining the 6-foot physical distance. Our classrooms allow for a maximum of 17-18 students on a daily basis.
Key points:
  • Children of essential personnel have been enrolled 5 days in-person.
  • The handful of families who indicated that 2 days or 3 days in-person was their only option, will be on a fixed weekly schedule.
  • The majority of families indicated as one of their choices that they could do either 3 or 2 days in-person, so we have created a 2-week rotational hybrid that allows everyone to get in-person instruction 5 days and virtual instruction 5 days over the course of 2 weeks.
  • Families have been kept together. 
We appreciate everyone's understanding and cooperation as we begin the new school year in a way that we never have before. We know the St. Louis School community will continue to remain strong in faith and in selfless support of one another.
July 20, 2020: Re-opening Plan
St. Louis Catholic School's current plans for re-opening are above along with a video Q&A below. Please read through the document carefully and view the video answers. This plan was developed in collaboration with a group of teachers, administrators, Fr. O’Hare, medical experts and parents to allow students, faculty and staff to return to the school as many days as we can safely do so. It is our intention to partner together to allow several instructional options including 5 days in-person, a 2 or 3 days in-person/virtual hybrid as well as full virtual instruction.
A separate Enrollment Form for each currently registered student stating your preference must be submitted by July 28, 2020. Enrollment Forms were sent via Constant Contact to all families. With 6 feet physical distancing requirements, a maximum of 18 students may be in each classroom daily. Priority for 5-day in-person instruction will be given to children of essential workers. Confirmation of your child's placement will be sent by August 3rd. We understand families need to know for their own planning, and we will respond quickly if we are unable to meet your first or second choice.