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Hawk's Nest School Store

In-stock Items:

The items below are in stock and available for local in-school pick-up or kidmail only. All proceeds go toward continued school safety improvements.

Lands' End:

Show your school spirit with a variety of items available through Lands' End. There are several logo options for school families and alumni on a variety of items Lands' End offers from backpacks and lunch boxes to shirts and outerwear. Visit the Lands' End website to place your order and have it delivered directly to your home.


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Water Bottle
Price: $5
Only 229 left in stock
Car Magnet
Price: $3
Only 773 left in stock
Alumni Car Magnet
Price: $3
Only 233 left in stock
St. Louis Tote Bag
Price: $4
Only 100 left in stock
St. Louis Tote Bag
Price: $4
Only 18 left in stock


SALE! Hawks Baseball Cap
Price: $6
Only 3 left in stock
SALE! Fleece Scarf
Price: $9
Only 33 left in stock
Title Required
Price: $8
Only 6 left in stock
Select Size
Price: $5
Only 4 left in stock
SALE! Carabiner Keychain
Price: $2.5
Only 15 left in stock
SALE! Snack Bags, 2-Pack
Price: $10
Only 15 left in stock
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