2022-23 Kindergarten Registration

Rising Kindergarten students currently enrolled in St. Louis Preschool may register for the St. Louis Catholic School 2022-23 school year here. In order to receive first priority acceptance in St. Louis School's Kindergarten class, registration must be submitted by February 1, 2022. Applicants who are not currently enrolled in St. Louis Preschool should visit the St. Louis School Admissions pages for application information and instructions for prospective families.

Registration packets will only be accepted via our online submission form. Registration will not be accepted via mail, email or in-person. The registration fee may be paid by check or credit card. Credit card payments will incur an additional convenience fee.


Please follow the instructions below to submit your registration packet; preschool families should not submit Kindergarten applications through the general K-8 admissions process for St. Louis Catholic School.

  • Preschool families who wish to enroll their child at St. Louis Catholic School must download, print, and fill out the Registration for K Admissions 2022-2023. Please remember to include all necessary signatures on page 4. Registrations missing signatures will not be considered complete. Incomplete registrations will not be placed in the queue for priority acceptance and must be resubmitted with the missing information.

  • Preschool families who wish to be considered for Catholic tuition rates are required to have a representative from their parish sign page 5 of the registration packet, the Parish Acknowledgement Form. In addition, to qualify for this rate, the student must be baptized in the Catholic church. All other applicants must fill out this page, but do not need a signature. (NOTE: If you are a current family with an older child enrolled at St. Louis School, you are still required to have this form signed by your pastor or parish representative to confirm your parishioner status.)

  • Scan all required documents to upload to our online submission form (acceptable file formats are .pdf, .doc., .jpg and .png). Name each of your files with your child's first initial, last name and name of the document. Example: JSmith_Registration, JSmith_Parish, JSmith_Baptism, etc.
    These documents include:

    1. The 4-page Registration for K Admissions
    2. The Parish Acknowledgement Form (page 5 of application)
    3. Birth Certificate
    4. Baptismal Certificate (Catholic applicants only)
    5. Proof of custody or guardianship (if applicable)

  • Submit your completed registration packet and $450 non-refundable registration fee (payable by check, credit or debit card) using the link below.


All registration packets, regardless of priority criteria, received after February 1st will be considered in the order in which they are received should space be available. If you are unable to submit your registration by this date, please contact Mrs. Renee Madden, [email protected].


Enrollment is contingent upon receipt of all required information and the payment of all fees.

for St. Louis Preschool families only
Mrs. Renee Madden
(Mon-Thurs, 12-4pm)
Mrs. Kristin Matheis
Director of Development & Communications