The St. Louis Catholic School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) has a long standing tradition of active volunteerism and community building. Members include all parents and guardians of currently enrolled students, all faculty members, the Principal, and the Pastor. The PTO hosts three general meetings during the school year and sponsors several programs and fundraising events throughout the year. There are no membership fees; our goal is to emphasize ownership and pride in the school community and investment back into our school through service.

The PTO’s objectives are to:

  • Promote the general welfare of the children in the school, at church, at home, and in the community
  • Assist parents and teachers in acquiring a deeper understanding of their mutual educational responsibilities
  • Provide opportunities for parental involvement with students at school through management of the Volunteer Program
  • Manage fundraising activities to provide financial support outside of the school’s budget

St. Louis Catholic School teaches our children the importance of service and acts of mercy. Parents model spiritual and corporal works of mercy every time they engage in some type of service for the good of the school and community. Each school family is expected to support the PTO through required service hours - 20 hours for dual parent families and 10 hours for single parent families. There are many opportunities to share your time and talents in a wide variety of activities and programs. Please review the volunteer pages for more information.

The PTO supports the school, teachers and students with purchases of academic products and special services to further enrich the educational environment at St. Louis. The PTO sponsors several annual events for school families and the community throughout the year, specifically the Community Fair and Hawks 5K Run in the Fall and the Silent Auction & Dinner in the Winter.